Atlantic Row - Latitude 35 Racing 
Atlantic Row - Ocean Reunion
Run to the North 
Tuk-Tuk Challenge

Angus and uncle Charlie Pitcher and cousin Tim Pitcher ran a self organised 350km ultra marathon from the top of Ben Nevis to the most North-Westerly point of Scotland, Cape Wrath. Passing through some of the most dramatic landscapes in the UK, the team carried all their supplies and only used water from passing springs and rivers. After 100 hours of running the team of family members made it to one of the most remote areas in Scotland, Cape Wrath.

With two school mates, Angus and his team adapted a two-stroke auto rickshaw with the aim to cross over 2,700km of India, from Shillong to Jaisalmer. This challenge found the team's rickshaw breaking down at the foothills of the Himalayas, getting lost whilst taking 'short cuts' through rural India as well as overcoming all other adversities that you would expect to find in a developing country in Asia. 

In 2014 Angus and teammate Jack wanted to combine a race winning team with friendship and memories. After putting together a team of four school mates, they covered over 1000nm in training and in December 2015 were at the start line for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. After water maker failures, storms, sleep deprivation and countless other mishaps, the Ocean Reunion team crossed the finish line in Antingua. Together they broke the Race Record of 37 days and, more importantly - ‘Never was there a terse word spoken between us’.

An attempt to become the fastest four man rowing team to cross the Atlantic became a reality in January 2017. This story started in 2015 when Angus and teammate Jason raced against each other for the race title. In 2016 Jason asked Angus to join team Latitude 35 with the aim to win the race and break records. They did so in a time of 35 days, 14 hours and 3 minutes. 

Angus and his company, Rannoch Adventure, managed and skippered a team of five amateur crew 1,800 miles around the Great British coastline. On this occasion the aim wasn't speed, but to soak in the sights of the UK that very few people have seen before. Crossing through infamously dangerous waters and navigating around perilous seas, Angus and the crew made it around in 57 days in an adventure of a lifetime!

Rannoch GB Challenge  
Papua New Guinea Trek

One of Angus's first adventures saw him trek through the heart of Papua New Guinea, a country known for its dense rainforest, birds of paradise and man cannibalistic tribes. After spending 3 months meeting local communities along the Kokoda Trail and Bull Dog Trail, Angus fell in love with the country and dreams of his next adventure in PNG.

Indian Ocean Row - Fast Row West

Out of Angus' three record breaking ocean rows, this was the big one! With the aim to row from Australia to Mauritius the team of four were unable to hit their destination due to adverse weather conditions. The team had to make a rapid decision to either give up and get towed into Mauritius or set a new goal, to be the first four man team to row to the Seychelles, adding a further 1000nm onto their already mammoth journey. After 71 days the team landed, breaking the record for the fastest four man across the Indian ocean and also becoming the youngest four man team to row any ocean.