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The story so far 

Angus is an ultra endurance athlete, mental health advocate and founder of Beyond Endurance

Having rowed the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans (twice) and broken world records each time, he is considered to be the most successful ocean rower in the world. Despite showing his mental strength and resilience in extreme environments, Angus suffered from severe mental health issues for a number of years which resulted in him attempting to take his own life on his 30th birthday.


On the road to recovery, Angus recognised the importance of helping others and has since dedicated himself to raise awareness and to help men who struggle as he did. In 2022 Angus became a Positive Psychology Coach using his knowledge of teamwork and leadership along with this struggles with his own clinical depression to help those who struggle with mental health issues.


He now does public speaking all over the world, advocating for removing the stigma around men’s mental health issues.

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No one has successfully circumnavigated Great Britain by row boat solo and unsupported, despite several attempts.


In June 2025, Angus aims to be the first person to do so and if successful, would set a new World Record. The British Coastline is notoriously dangerous and the 2,000 mile odyssey will see Angus take on Europe’s biggest whirlpools, some of of the worlds busiest shipping lanes, extreme tidal runs and severe weather conditions. The predicted time will be anything between 30 and 60 days, where Angus rows up to 18 hours a day, and can rely only on himself for fuelling, cleaning, navigation and everything else needed to keep the boat moving.


Despite Angus having rowed over 15,000 miles across the three largest oceans, he believes that circumnavigating Great Britain will be be his toughest challenge yet.


Angus will be raising funds for James’ Place, a charity offering free, life-saving treatment to suicidal men in centres in Liverpool and London.


Their professional therapists get quickly to the heart of a man’s suicidal crisis and help him solve it.


James’ Place are unique because their treatment is proven to work, quick to access and delivered in a safe, friendly, non-clinical environment by trained, professional therapists. Since 2018, the charity has helped over 1,500 suicidal men, delivering over 7,500 therapy sessions.


Over the next 2 years, Jame’s Place is opening centres in Birmingham, Newcastle and Bristol, with the aim to have centres all around the UK by the end of the decade, ensuring that men who struggle always have somewhere to go when in a crisis.

Sponsorship opportunities 

Why sponsor this challenge?

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a world first, expedition defining, boundary breaking adventure. One that, if successful- will be one for the history books.

How much should you sponsor?

Join our community of forward thinking companies, who have already committed to help fund this journey and you can be part of this record breaking, once in a life time adventure.

What's in it for you?

  • Multiple Speaking engagements by Angus for your team before and after the row

  • Corporate days out on an ocean rowing boat  with Angus

  • Your company name on all merchandise and media/ PR

  • Bespoke content creation from the expedition, specific to you company and brand.

Previous sponsors include:

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